Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Belated Valentine Meal

£10 for two from Aldi 

I'm a well done kinda chick.  Thank you Aldi for a fabulous and cheap meal!!!

As always the hubby out does many a restaurant I've been to.  But this time he did it on a shoestring.  An Aldi shoestring;  Luxury living on a ghetto budget, £10 for 2

On my visit to Australia, I stayed with friends who all shopped at Aldi.  If you know me, you'll know that I am well known for being a little bit of a snob when it comes to shopping.  It's not that I doubt the quality, although I often do.  

It is just that, some of the other shoppers stress me out.  Rarely will I hear a lady shouting across the store at a snotty, grubby kid who is eating all the produce along the aisle in Waitrose.  Ok I delve deeper, this 'lady' is swearing at her kids who are fighting and running around the store as she yaps into her phone filling her trolley with all the products that are probably responsible for the hyperactive battle happening around her.  Baby under one clearly unkept arm, anther drinking Cola from a baby bottle, clearly not a baby, and the others well, Ive already described them.  Come on, You've seen at least one at every bargain store visit.  You know, the character from Little Britain.

This is the reason I never shopped in Aldi.  In my mind, the aisles were overflowing.  A friend of mine, food and wine critic had become a public supporter of Aldi, yes I'm a follower sometimes, then, on my trip down under, I realised that everyone shopped there.  It was international, and the stores weren't badly laid out and crammed as I had envisioned.

With that I looked up opening hours and local stores and took off to my local, jute bags in tow, at 7am!  I was sure it would be quiet then and it was!  For a mere £35 I left with 4 large jute bags of shopping with change for a treat! Tick!  It's been a week and all the own brand products I purchased have been as good as or better than my usual brands.  The grand result for me was the belated Valentines meal my husband cooked for me...  Steak, homemade peppercorn sauce and chips with a side of baby spinach...  LUSH!!!! 

Good Steak, I like mine well done, each to their own!

These HUGE!!  Potatoes make great chips, skin on!

The hubby is a pretty good cook, are you interested in seeing more?  Would you like a recipe?  Let us know in the comment box below.


- Tomboy x -

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